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We offer a wide selection of properties, either furnished or unfurnished. Our property lists are constantly being updated to cater for the fast moving market.

Accompanied viewings

We always meet our applicants and accompany them to the property, which allows us to show you all the facilities. It is also essential for you to know what items will remain in the property and what your responsibilities are; for example, who looks after the garden, parking arrangements, local amenities, insurance cover, etc.

Assistance with documentation

Tenants will have to complete an application form and reference form. AM Lettings staff will guide you through these should you require. All documentation will be carefully explained, should you require, ensuring you fully understand the legal implications before signing a tenancy agreement and committing to a tenancy. Cleared funds are required before you can move into a property and can be paid by Bank Transfer or Cash.


Many tenants are concerned about their security deposit. The Deposit will be held by Safe Deposits Scotland. The Landlord will be entitled at the expiry /end of the lease to use the deposit to meet any outstanding rent, sums or accounts due by you, the cost of repairing or replacing any of the fittings and fixtures which have been broken, damaged or lost and the expense of making good any tenant damage or those for whom you are responsible, to the property or failure to fulfill any of the other conditions of this lease. The deposit is only released once both parties have agreed to dilapidations, if any. Further information can be obtained at

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